Recently, a dog was spotted roaming the streets with food in her mouth. She was confused and depressed, and it was evident that she had just become a mom and couldn't find her puppies …

This touching story is about endless love. That day Barking Mad Dog Rescue in Romania received a call: a huge box of puppies was found in the woods.

Source: petpop

Source: petpop

There were 6 puppies in the box. They wouldn't have survived there if it hadn't been for the rescue team. The pups were taken to a local shelter.

Source: petpop

The babies were so tiny that they needed constant care. The center staff figured out how to nurse this huge litter of pups.

Source: petpop

A new mama dog who had recently arrived at the center without puppies was a perfect choice. When the single mother was introduced to a squeaky box, she immediately rushed to the babies, because they needed her, and she still had milk. So, the staff was able to make both the dog and the pups happy! As soon as the babies grow up, they will find good families. For now the doting mother dog has someone to take care of!

Source: petpop

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Source: petpop

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