The Millers of Indiana were asleep when Jeannette heard strange noises. Jeannette Miller didn't realize that it wasn't a dream. The pitiful meowing was very loud and distinct, but she didn't have kittens in the house. She followed the call and found herself in the basement.

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There she found 7 newborn kittens that couldn't even move around on their own. They were screaming so loudly because they were very hungry. The Millers weren't planning on adopting 7 pets at once, so they contacted Kitty Kitty Rescu Animal Care, who agreed to help them.

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According to the vets, the kittens were weak, didn't have any major health issues. However, the babies needed round-the-clock care and bottle-feeding, as they could not eat on their own yet. Jeannette spent 12 hours feeding the 7 little kittens.

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Before a shelter worker took over the care of the kittens, Jeannette fulfilled the role of foster mom. The woman recalls the story fondly, but she couldn't figure out where the kittens had come from. Upon examining the house, the Millers discovered that there was a small hole in the house through which the mother cat had brought her babies.

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Now the babies are well fed and safe. As soon as they get older, they will be placed with loving families.

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