Gracie owes her life to her furry sister, Emmie, who led their owner to her. Gracie is an Australian Shepherd who lives in North Carolina with her owner Becky Rowe Smith and another dog named Emmie. The two dogs are free to roam around the house. But one morning, Emmie looked worried and wouldn't touch her food. And for a good reason as her sister Gracie was in danger.

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Gracie must have chased a small animal

On the day of the incident, Emmie came home covered in mud. Her owner noticed that she had gotten dirty, but it wasn't anything special. What caught her attention was when she gave her dog her bowl, Emmie wouldn't touch it. She was very nervous, and kept looking in the direction of the driveway.

At that moment, Becky knew something was wrong. She said to her dog, "Show me!"

That's when Emmie rushed outside and led her owner a little further down the street. She stopped at one place to show Gracie. The Australian Shepherd was stuck between two rocks: one above her head and one below.

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She had actually crawled into a hole, probably to chase a small animal. But the space was getting smaller and smaller, and the dog was too big to get out the other side. She had only been able to poke her head out, and couldn't move at all.

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The rock was about to fall on the dog

Firefighters quickly came to the scene to rescue Gracie. The only way to get her out was to use an extrication tool called Jaws of Life. But this operation was not safe. At any moment, the rock from above could fall and crush the dog.

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The rescuers acted as carefully as possible. "As soon as the hole was big enough, I pulled her out of there as fast as I could, terrified that the rock on top would crush her," Becky said.

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Fortunately, the dog got out safely. That day the pooch was allowed to eat her favorite festive food.

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Have you ever helped any animal in trouble?

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