Animals in trouble are usually rescued by humans, but in this story, it was a dog that was the rescuer. When walking by the ocean, the dog smelled something and suddenly pulled his owner toward the shore. Under the water, in an almost submerged iron cage, someone was whimpering with the last of his/her strength...

The half-submerged iron cage did not attract attention until the pitiful whimpering started coming from it...

Initially the half-submerged iron cage did not attract people's attention. Source: petpop

Jennifer Vaz was walking her boxer dog, named Molly, in a city park by the ocean when suddenly Molly smelled something and dragged her owner toward the water. At first the woman didn't notice anything unusual, but then she spotted an almost completely submerged cage. A faint whimpering sound came from it, and something was obviously moving inside.

Jennifer reached down and lifted the cage. There was a pit bull puppy inside

Poor pittie. Source: petpop

Someone, who could only be described as a cruel fiend, had left the dog in a locked cage by the ocean just before high tide, that is, condemned the poor thing to a slow death. If Jennifer's dog hadn't smelled trouble in time, this story would have had a sad ending.

The story of the pit bull quickly gained publicity

Aaron Davis, the dog's owner. Source: petpop

The New Jersey State's Attorney's Office immediately started looking for the dog's owner. It didn't take long – Aaron Davis (pictured) turned out to be the perpetrator. The man pleaded guilty after the charges were filed.

Finally in safety. Source: petpop

A rescue team arrived at the shore and pulled the cage with the pittie out of the water. Fortunately, the pit bull was unharmed, but was under a great deal of stress. The dog was taken to the local police station.

River is looking for a forever home. Source: petpop

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Jennifer named the rescued dog River and took the poor thing in. At the moment, River is looking for a loving family who will truly love him and help him to forget the horror he had been through.

Have you ever rescued an animal?

Source: petpop

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