These pit bull sisters have been through a lot to finally find doggy happiness. All the while the sisters stayed together sharing an unbreakable bond.

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Until a year ago, Casey Alves had never imagined that she would one day be a mom to two pit bulls. After moving to a new neighborhood, she and her spouse adopted an adult cat, but one day the woman received a message that changed her life.

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One of her friends wrote to Alves asking her to adopt two pit bull sisters who were suffering from severe mange. The 5-month-old puppies, Ria and Ella, stayed in a shelter with a high mortality rate. The one condition was that they had to be taken in together.

At first Casey was hesitant, but on second thoughts she and her husband decided to take the pit bulls in. "I said, 'You know, let's just do it. It's just fostering," the woman recalled. "My husband is also an army vet. He had served overseas for a year, so he had always said that he wanted a dog."

When the couple took the sisters home, they were in terrible condition, emaciated and almost bald due to mange

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The couple understood why the shelter insisted on fostering the dogs together – the sisters were truly inseparable!

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When they arrived at their new home, Ria and Ella explored and sniffed around their new home together, never leaving each other's side. It was clear that there was a surprisingly strong bond between these two.

Soon, the dogs were on the mend. The sisters made friends with the family's pet cat, the three of them even sleep together

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Within a few weeks, Ria and Ella were completely cured of mange and became real beauties with the help of their owners. During their treatment, they were always helping each other. "They were always licking each other. It was incredibly touching. I had never seen anything like that between dogs, and I had no idea the bond could be so strong," Casey says.

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Now the pit bulls have grown older, and while they are more independent and can enjoy time apart, one thing has not changed – their unconditional love. They are still inseparable, and Casey occasionally sees them sleeping together or cuddling.

When the fostering period ended, it was time to find a new family for the sisters

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But the Alves family wondered if they wanted to give Ria and Ella to someone else. In the end, they decided to keep the dogs, and according to them, it was the best decision they have ever made! "They are our family now. Now we can't imagine our lives without them."

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