The former owners of this dog just surrendered him to a shelter when they had a baby. How can one get rid of one family member when they have a new one coming into their lives?

Meet Rocco, a 3-year-old German Shepherd. His former owners surrendered him to a Texas shelter because they expected a baby.

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This news stunned not only Rocco, but the shelter staff as well. The German Shepherd was heartbroken; the dog would cower down and look around fearfully. His eyes seemed to be filled with tears... Rocco could not understand what he had done wrong.

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One of the visitors at the shelter shot him exactly like this, and the video immediately went viral. Users found out about Rocco and started looking for a home for the dog. Petie Pillaypackam also watched the video. The woman already had pets, so she immediately realized that Rocco did not belong to a shelter.

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Petie decided to foster the dog until she could find a real home for him. After becoming a foster mom for Rocco, she started an Instagram account where she posted a day-to-day report on Rocco's life.

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At first the dog was very shy and didn't eat much, but over time he started to open up, look less frightened, and even made friends with the other Pillaypackam's pets.

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Petie hopes that Rocco will find a permanent home soon, but in the meantime, the dog is getting used to Petie's family.

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Rocco is adorable, how could one abandon him?

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