Knee-deep in the swamp, this brave woman saved the puppy tied to a tree. The poor thing had a rope that had already cut into his neck. Who could do such a cruel thing to this little creature? Fortunately, a kind-hearted woman heard the baby's cries...

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Jessica Clayborn is used to the sounds of wildlife, often coming from a swamp near her home in Zebulon, North Carolina. Normally she doesn't pay attention to the noise, but this time she heard something that made her quit everything... Clayborn was hanging laundry outside when suddenly she heard a subtle cry from the thicket.

Source: The Dodo

She followed the sound, pushing through the muddy swam and reeds... and spotted a puppy marooned on a patch of dry land! The little one was tied to a tree, desperately crying for help. The rope with which the puppy had been tied had already cut into its neck. Jessica knew there was no way back, so she threw herself knee-deep in the swamp and tore the rope with a pocket knife.

Source: The Dodo

It is still unknown how long the puppy stayed in the swamp. The rope had cut his neck, and his fur and ears were covered in insects, which could have led to dire consequences. In addition, Jessica found chemical burns on the baby's ears and tail. Had Clayborn not heard him cry, the little pup could have fallen prey to the wild coyotes that often roam the area.

"Whenever I picked him up he just kind of laid back in my arms because he was just so relieved that someone had found him," the rescuer recalls

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Jessica took Nash (as she called the puppy) home, gave him a bath, fed him, and later showed him to the vets. The puppy, who was about two months old, was prescribed antibiotics and treatment for his wounds.

In just one week the little pooch was on the mend. Now he is completing the recovery process already in his foster home

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His foster family says that at first Nash was very shy. The pup is slowly getting used to new people and is already happily wagging his tail. Nash likes to play with other dogs.

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According to Nash's foster parents, the pooch is still sad and doesn't trust people. In addition, the little dog doesn't always react to sounds. However, the veterinarians say there is a chance that his hearing will return to him.

In spite of all of the difficulties he has been through, Nash will meet his forever family soon, and we hope that he will never feel lonely again!

Source: The Dodo

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Source: The Dodo

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