Meet Tiger, the most affectionate cat you may have seen in a while. He was found in a parking lot under a truck, and he immediately became a grateful pet kitty with his new family.

Tiger has grown so fond of the family that rescued him that he just can't stop cuddling. He has become especially attached to the father of the Linderman family.

Source: The Dodo

The couple have a special bond. Every morning, Linderman and Tiger have a ritual: the man has breakfast before work and then watches TV in a chair for about half an hour. During this time Tiger is napping on his lap.

Source: The Dodo

When the man leaves, the kitty is very sad and waits for Daddy to come back and climb on his lap again.

Source: The Dodo

Tiger does not like to be alone, he is constantly in contact with people and demands affection. If the father of the family is late for work and can't give the cat these 30 minutes of cuddling, Tiger will wander the whole day in a bad mood. What a cute little fluffy cat!

Source: The Dodo

Do you think pet cats love their owners?

Source: The Dodo

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