Eva the dog, an adorable nursing mom, was rescued after being run over by a car. Unfortunately, her puppies were nowhere to be found. But what the shelter staff saw one morning touched everyone – she started nursing orphaned kittens!

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A poodle mix named Eva was rescued by Cassie's Place in Texas. The dog was run over by a car. She had fractured  front legs and severe bruises. Volunteers came to get Eva and moved her to a local shelter. She had to be transported to another affiliate for further treatment in a couple of days.

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Several kittens who had lost their mother also stayed at the shelter. Eva seemed to be very depressed, as she bad injuries and no one to take care of. The shelter staff tried to look for the puppies in the area where Eva was found, but to no avail.

When one of the volunteers came to pick up the dog to take her to the other center, she did not expect to see the cutest scene... The dog was nursing kittens!

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It turned out that the shelter staff decided to try to introduce Eva to the orphaned kittens, and she happily accepted them. It was obvious that the dog was in high spirits, and the kittens were full and happy.

The mother dog and her kittens were transported to the other rescue center together

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"Eva has a very proud and adorning love for her kittens. She wags her tail when you talk to her about the babies she is raising. She shows concern when you remove them from their area to change out the bedding. She whines and lightly barks to let us know that she is upset that she is not with them," the shelter staff said.

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The dog takes care of her "babies" in every possible way cleaning and nursing them all the time despite her injuries. Eva has demonstrated how strong her instincts and motherly love can be!

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Eva was soon taken to the veterinary clinic for the rehab after her injury. While she was away at the center, the kittens were bottle-fed. Soon they will be reunited with their dog mom. 

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We hope this adorable family will find the best forever home!

Do you think cats and dogs can be friends? 

Source: lovemeow

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