Sometimes animals arrive at shelters with their families. That's what happened to this inseparable couple.

The Paws Crossed Dog Rescue admitted two dogs, Sookie the mom and Dino the son. This inseparable couple was found in Alabama, wardering around like hermits looking for food. Skinny and miserable... The locals reported them to the animal control, fearing for their lives, but the dogs were so dehydrated and hungry that they could hardly hurt anyone, even if they wanted to.

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Dino is afraid of everything; he flinches at every sound, and Sookie seems to try to reassure him. They sleep and play together, and Dino gets very frightened when his mommy is taken away for a long time to have her procedures done.

The shelter staff thinks that Dino is Sookie's son because his behavior is very similar to that of a child

Source: The Dodo

Dino doesn't let Sookie out of his sight, and he is constantly touching his supposed mother, otherwise he is very stressed out, plus he is smaller than Sookie.

Source: The Dodo

Sookie turned out to be pregnant, so she was separated from Dino for labor. He started howling and crying, doing so until Sookie was returned to their kennel in the morning.

Sookie loves people's attention and is more socialized than her son

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For now, the family of the mom, son, and 10 newborns has found a temporary home. When the babies are older and Sookie and Dino are fine and strong, they will start looking for permanent owners.

Source: The Dodo

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Source: The Dodo

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