When animals desperately need help, unable to cope with their misfortunes, they go to humans. Such a story happened to this sick stray cat. The poor thing was scratching at the woman's door, showing that she needed help.

That morning, Laura Cassiday from Baltimore, Maryland, was walking her dog, but when she returned home, she saw an interesting guest on the porch – a cat.

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At first the cat rushed immediately to Cassiday's feet meowing pitifully. When the woman was heading home, the cat ran after her and when she closed the door, the animal started scratching as if begging to let her in!

It was raining, and Laura did not want to leave the cat outside

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Looking closely at her guest, Laura saw that the kitty was terribly emaciated. "She was geriatric, just skin and bones, and covered in fleas. Her coat was matted and dirty. Her mouth seemed rotten and painful, and her gait was wobbly and crooked," Laura said.

Cassiday was being late for work. She couldn't leave the cat out in the cold and rain in that condition, so she made the sudden decision to take her in.

Laura gave her guest a catchy name, Bones

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She gave the cat a comfortable dog bed and a filling meal. After Bones had filled her stomach for the first time in a long time, she couldn't stop purring.

Initially Laura didn't want another cat, but Bones insisted!

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Bones is not the first stray cat in Laura's home. Previously, she took in a 26-year-old senior cat, Thomas, from a local shelter. "I really wasn't looking to add another cat to my menagerie of misfits, but she insisted and I refused to put her back outside in her condition."

Locals later told Laura that they had seen the cat more than once. The kitty lived on the street for several years, and had even been spayed

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Laura contacted the Feline Rescue Association (FRA), a volunteer society. Volunteers agreed to provide Bones with medical care. In the meantime, Laura decided to keep the cat in her home until she could find permanent owners.

Bones weighed just 4lb and was about 10 years old

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The cat did not have a microchip, and so she most likely had been living on the streets all her life. Bones was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and hyperthyroidism. Fortunately, she started receiving treatment.

"I'm glad she's off the street and finally getting the care she needs," Laura says.

Have you ever rescued a stray animal?

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