A cat from Suffolk, UK, made an incredible 300-mile journey across the United Kingdom before being discovered on a window sill at Plymouth University. The pet had jumped out of the car when its owners were on the way to visit their student kids at the university. The cat had to take a 300-mile trip across the country from Ipswich in Suffolk to end up at Plymouth University in Devon.

Source: pets.mail

The cat was discovered on a windowsill by locals. University employee Jo Bobby took over the rescue operation. The cat had been at a high altitude for about three hours and was very frightened. The university security service couldn't provide any help since they did not have the necessary equipment to lift a person to such a height and get the cat out. The fire department also didn't help, as they could only come a day later. Then a window washer came to the rescue.

Source: pets.mail

In half an hour a man came, set up a high ladder, took the cat from the window sill, and went away. He did not even ask for money, as he did a good deed for the love of animals. The end of the story was happy. The owners soon came to pick up the cat and the family was reunited.

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Source: pets.mail

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