Meet Patches, a chubby cat that was surrendered to a shelter in Richmond, Virginia, because his former owners no longer wanted to take care of him.

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Patches was brought to the shelter and just left there. The staff admitted that it was the fattest pet they had ever seen.

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Patches weighed a whopping 42lb while the average weight of a cat is about 10lb! The shelter staff did their best to make his stay comfortable. They were afraid that no one would want to take in an overweight animal, because Patches needed care.

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However, their fears proved groundless. They published a photo of Patches on social media, shared the pet's story, and the next day a woman willing to take care of the cute cat  showed up.

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Now the cat is on a special diet, moving around a bit, and he's doing well.

Would you adopt an overweight animal?

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