Usually people who decide to take a dog from a shelter ask for puppies or, at the very least, a healthy young animal. But 82-year-old Melanie Andrews did just the opposite: She asked for a dog that was old and sick.

The visit was a couple of years ago in Sacramento, Northern California. Melanie was determined to take in the most unhappy and hopeless dog there was: 12-year-old Jack. It was for this purpose that she traveled the arduous journey of almos two thousand miles.

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When Melanie saw Jack's photo on the shelter's Web site, she immediately decided to help him. The fate of this dog nearly made her cry: the terminally ill old dog (Jack was diagnosed with cancer) had been ruthlessly thrown out onto the street and was wandering alone, with no shelter or food. Small in size, Jack was already blind and deaf from old age, and it was certainly more difficult for him to survive on the streets than a healthy dog.

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He had almost no teeth left, and some of his hair had fallen out from allergies. The shelter workers accepted the dog, brought to them by a random passerby, but they did not believe he would have a happy fate and were already thinking of putting him to sleep - for a year no one was interested in Jack as a pet.

But then Melanie arrived and Jack got lucky. The thing is, Melanie was all alone in her big house. Last year her beloved husband died of cancer, and after him went their dog - Amstaff Lola, she outlived her owner by only a month.

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Now he sleeps on her bed, and before going to bed she bathes him, dabbing the dog's dry skin with coconut oil. Melanie warms his drinking water so it's not too cold, because the old ones are very sensitive to cold, Melanie knows this firsthand. Jack receives supportive therapy, but Melanie can only guess how much longer he will live.

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