Once you see this little cutie, you can't forget him! This cheerful and strong Belgian sheepherd named Jester not only works for the police, but also loves to dress up in funny costumes.

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Jester lives in California and works as a police dog. He saves people's lives and protects their peace. This dog takes his job very seriously!

You can't doubt Jester's strength and agility!

This handsome dog has very serious training. Just look at how he flies

Source: Instagram

When he's not working, he loves dressing up and making people laugh with his looks.

Let's face it, he's really good at it!

He also entertains his neighbors with the tricks like this

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You can't fool this guy!

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50 Shades of Jester :)

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As busy cops are supposed to do, Jester and his friends hang out at a bar after work

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"Good cop, bad cop" is this brave guy's favorite game.

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Jester and his beloved owner, who is also his work partner.

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Perhaps Jester will retire and open his own bakery... but it is unlikely to happen soon.

Do you like shepherd dogs?

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