Britney Logan, a single mom and photographer, had dreamed about a dog for years. But since her daughter was still very young, Logan knew she wouldn't be able to juggle a baby and a pup.

When Logan's daughter turned 3, she finally decided to adopt a puppy. Logan had chosen a beautiful German Shepherd whom she named When. The pooch perfectly fitted into their tight-knit unit. As for Laurel, she quickly fell in love with her little furry sis.

Source: The Dodo

"Any time we leave the house, she tells every stranger about her 'really soft, really cool puppy Wren,'" Logan smiles. "They do everything together!"

Source: The Dodo

One day Logan saw Laurel and Wren share a beautiful moment

Logan was up working late on her laptop when she heard Laurel whispering, "It’s OK, you can go to sleep, shhh, I'm right here." It was indeed an amazing sight because the toddler was putting the pup to bed and covering her with a towel for a blanket.

Since that day Laurel has been helping her best friend to settle down for the night. "Sometimes she will put a pillow under her head," the woman says, "and Wren is just so patient and gladly plays along."

And Wren likes to be wrapped up like a baby!

According to Logan, the doggie is very sweet and smart, and just the easiest puppy ever to handle. She even thinks of training Wren as an emotional support dog when she gets a little older.

Source: The Dodo

Logan can't wait to see her daughter and the pup grow up together. Indeed, they are friends for life!

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Aren't they cute?

Source: The Dodo

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