One day this weak stray dog wandered into a gas station in Tamaulipas, Mexico, and its staff allowed the pooch to stay there. Some time later the dog proved his unswerving loyalty to his rescuers...

Source: The Dodo

That's how poor skinny Randy looked when he showed up at a Tamaulipas gas two years ago. The gas station staff didn't kick the scared stray dog out, but instead they started taking care of him. At first, the shy dog didn't trust people, but the staff hoped to gain this guy's trust.

Source: The Dodo

The pooch was given a bath and a meal, then was vaccinated. "We adopted him. Now he lives here, and is cared for by all the workers," says Gerardo Aguilar, the station's owner. However, little did the staff know how much Randy would thank them later for rescuing him.

One night two armed robbers broke into the gas station. They demanded the attendant on duty to open the office where the money was kept. The criminals then attacked the employee, knocking him to the ground.

That's when the noise woke up Randy, who was sleeping in a nearby warehouse. The brave dog rushed to defend the employee, and helped him chase the criminals away. The moment was caught on CCTV. A hero dog, no less!

That's how Randy gained the title of a real gas station hero

Source: The Dodo

We were surprised to see how he reacted, and of course we are proud of him," Aguilar says. "If it hadn't been for Randy, who knows how things would have turned out."

In addition to being a hero, Randy also pleases customers with his smiles. One local woman chooses this particular gas station, only to meet this charming guy who has become a local star.

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