The German Shepherds Santo and Marla live the life many of us could only dream of. They spend days swimming in turquoise ocean enjoying the warm African sunshine.

Santo and Marla were born and raised in Tanzania. Although the German Shepherd breed isn't meant for living in tropics, these two dogs are doing well in this beautiful African country.

The two furry buddies' favorite pastime is playing and running around, thankfully the landscape of Tanzania is perfect for it.

A must-have romantic and philosophical photo by the sea!

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Marla tries to catch the waves. What fun!

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And this is how people in Africa prepare for the New Year. They make a snowman out of sand

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To pose for a photo? No problem!

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Happiness captured in a photo be like:

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Marla sends her love from the paradise

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Dogs usually like playing in puddles or snow, but Marla and Santo have more insteresting options

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These cuties live happy and active lives full of adventure and joy. We wish them luck!

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