A cardboard box, and some straw in the bottom... It is in this makeshift home that 11 tiny kittens were abandoned on the side of a road in Wisconsin.

Crammed into a cardboard box, with only a straw bed for comfort, the 11 babies were dumped like trash. However, the place was very close to a shelter, and one can guess that this location was not chosen by the cruel human at random. The kittens' former owner was probably hoping that someone would drop the babies off at the shelter, as he didn't have the courage to do it himself.

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The kittens were found in time

By abandoning the kittens in a box, rather than giving them directly to a shelter, the owner risked the little ones' lives. Anything could have happened, and the box might never have been opened. The kittens would then have starved to death.

Source: Facebook

Luckily, a Good Samaritan came across the box in time and was curious enough to look at what was inside. What a surprise was when the kind man came face to face with an entire litter of cats. He brought the kittens to the Eau Claire County Humane Society.

Humane society appealed for donations to take care of all the babies

The shelter quickly realized that they were in urgent need of the formula and kitten food, nipples and warming packs, as 5 more kittens were to be dropped off the same day. Faced with this unexpected arrival of so many babies, they had to make an emergency appeal for donations.

People responded to the appeal and sent in many supplies to help the humane society.

Due to the young age of all 16 kittens, they will stay at the shelter for at least six weeks. Then they will be ready to be put up for adoption. Although they all have had a hard start in life, we hope that they will find best forever homes!

Have you ever rescued kittens?

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