Any villager knows that wild boar can be a real disaster for crops. One woman in her village found a very practical way to cope with this problem: she fed the wild boar that used to come from the forest, and in return it did not touch the crops. Moreover, when the crops began to disappear from the gardens, the wild boar repaid the good deed.

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The story with the boar had been going on for several years. A local woman would feed the boar by putting some vegetables and other food in a basket right outside the their village. Soon other inhabitants of the village began to do the same, because the wild boar behaved very calmly and never allowed itself to touch the crops.

Apparently, the inhabitant of the forest liked the food. The boar would come out to the roadside by evening, getting used to the time when food appeared. One day in the spring, there was an emergency for the village: someone was out to harvest someone else's crops.

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The locals could not identify the intruder, but the wild boar coped with the task perfectly. One morning the first old lady who fed the wild boar saw a woman with a bag in her vegetable garden - she could not get out, because the forest dweller militantly froze in the only gate.

The intruder was taught a lesson, and the boar has since become the favorite of the whole village. He showed that forest animals know how to pay for good things. It seems that humans often underestimate animals. They may be smarter than many people think.

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