The shelter team at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe have moved heaven and earth to place Nanook, an 11-year-old Terrier mix, with a loving family only to get him back 9 months later. The dog's behavior was so difficult for his owners to handle that they decided to part with him. Fortunately, 200 days after this disappointment, fortune smiled on the doggy again.

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Nanook returned to Dogs Trust Ilfracombe 9 months after his adoption, as reported by the Nottingham Post. The 11-year-old Terrier mix was struggling to cope with loneliness, to the point where he was no longer manageable for his former owners. So he was reunited with the center's volunteers, who did everything they could to help him find a permanent home.

"Nanook is a lovely boy, but he had a few concerns, particularly when left alone," confided Sophie Slade, Deputy Director of Dogs Trust Ilfracombe. The senior dog suffered from separation anxiety. As a result, he was prone to behaving aggressively when his humans were away. Nanook also barked a lot. It was difficult for his new owners to live with him, so they decided to part with him.

Source: Facebook

Hard work

The team at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe knew that potential adopters weren't very interested in Nanook. The dog always showed his joy by barking, "which often put people off," says Slade. So the volunteers set about training him. In particular, they taught him how to stay on his own without panicking.

For many months, Nanook received no adoption applications. But this gave him time to train with the shelter staff. And their efforts paid off! 200 days later, a woman travelled dozens of miles to meet the doggo.

Long awaited home

Sharon Maxwell was looking for a Terrier-type doggie after she lost her Jack Russell. This woman, who lives in Dawlish, UK, with her retired mother and her dog Rex, came across Nanook's story on the Internet. She liked his description, so she took a trip to visit him.

"I was sure I wanted to adopt him," she said after seeing him. So Sharon left with Nanook. The doggie immediately adapted to his new home! He was "very happy to be back in a home" and settled wonderfully in his new surroundings, "as if he'd always been there", said Sharon.

With his owner, her mother, and his little canine brother Rex around him, Nanook will never be lonely again.

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Source: Nottingham Post

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