The story of Jennifer Butler and her dogs is simply incredible. Twice fate has put a littermate of her first dog in her path. This led to a wonderful family reunion and saved two dogs from being put to sleep.

The first dog was found alone in a field

It all began in 2013, when a Good Samaritan spotted a 6-week-old puppy alone in a field. The kind woman brought the baby to the veterinary hospital where Jennifer Butler worked. Jennifer fell in love with the puppy and decided to adopt it rather than place it in a shelter. She named the baby Benjamin, or Bennie, and took him home that very evening.

Five years had passed before the first miracle happened

Five years later, Jennifer was browsing Facebook when a photo of one dog caught her eye. A local shelter was offering for adoption a dog who looked exactly like Bennie.

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"My mind started racing, wondering how he could have escaped from our house and ended up impounded. After a few intense seconds, I realized that this dog looked like Benjamin, but it wasn't him," she confided.

Some time later, as Jennifer regularly monitored the adoption status of Bennie's lookalike, she was horrified to see that he was about to be euthanized "for lack of space." She then decided to adopt him and named him Lennie.

"The poor boy had a skin infection, an upper respiratory infection, a scar on his hind leg, and heartworm disease." In order to better treat all his conditions, Jennifer had Lennie DNA tested. She was also hoping to find out if he was related to Bennie.

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When the results came back, Jennifer was shocked: Bennie and Lennie were indeed brothers, and probably from the same litter.

Never two without three

What makes this story even more extraordinary is that the same thing happened again four years later. Once again, the shelter offered a dog for adoption who was the female spitting image of the first two. Jennifer took her in so that she wouldn't be euthanized, but with the idea of having her adopted by another family afterwards. After DNA tests, she discovered that the pooch was Bennie and Lennie's sister.

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The dog was named Penelope and had the opportunity to enjoy her brothers' company before finally being adopted. The two families keep in touch and go for regular walks.

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