Taking care of our furry friends is both responsibility and joy, as well as great happiness that pets give us in return. When Rachel adopted a shelter cat, she could never imagine that her new pet would love her dearly and never leaver her side.

The cat had lost its home because his former owner's landlord had strictly forbidden her to keep any animals in the apartment. So the fluffy boy was surrendered to San Francisco Animal Care & Control, so that he could find a new cozy home.

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The cat, later named Belarus, was a large, very affectionate handsome guy with a fluffy tail and crossed eyes. He would look at visitors to the shelter with a pleading look as if begging: "Take me with you!"

When Rachel was browsing cats' pictures on shelter social media, she came across Belarus the cat and immediately realized he was the one. She canceled all her appointments and took a day off to see him in person. When they met, the cat immediately clung to her as if he had been her pet, promising to love her forever.

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Belarus instantly settled in his new place and was not afraid to be naughty, playful, and spoiled.

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Since then he has followed his fur mom everywhere. The kitty loves to help Rachel with all household chores, especially when his mom goes to the bathroom in the morning. Indeed, with such a pet one can forget about privacy! And while Rachel is splashing in the shower, the fluffy guy patiently waits for her to make sure that everything is all right with his beloved mom.

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The pet cat is careful to make sure Rachel doesn't forget anything during her morning routine. He also happily greets her when she returns, showing a willingness to play and frolic together.

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Whether Rachel is watching TV, loading the dishwasher, or just checking her mail, her fluffy pet is always there. He makes sure he can't get any closer, and then he calms down and begins to clean himself.

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It's been several years since the cat arrived at his a new home. He has become even fluffier and more beautiful. He still follows his owner everywhere and hunts for bugs and other insects if he wants to.

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Life would be much more boring and predictable without pets. After all, who would make us smile from ear to ear every day?

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