Lauren Perkins experienced "outright shock" when she found out she was pregnant with six babies at once. The babies were brought from the hospital to the house one by one. It helped Lauren better understand what had happened. Read how she manages to cope with the chaos after having children.

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"Every night I prepared bottles for the next 24 hours. I put them in the fridge and wrote a name on each one so everyone would know which bottle was for which baby," - Perkins noted.

Lauren reported that she learned to feed more than one child at a time. One baby was on her lap, one was on a pillow nearby and the other had her foot on the bottle.

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In addition, the children had different characteristics and needs. So the parents had to use four types of formula at once. Lauren Perkins is convinced that without support she and her husband would not have been able to cope with 6 children. For this, a special 'work shift' schedule was developed to effectively engage people who were eager to help.

"Friends signed up to this schedule and came right in the middle of the night to feed the children and do their laundry. Without the help, we simply couldn't have done it," - Lauren Perkins told.

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There were also people who donated things ranging from formula milk to clothes and nappies.

"We got so much food that I haven't cooked dinner once in a year yet, we haven't bought a single nappy. I can count on my fingers the packs of formula that I paid for myself. I've never been left alone during feedings or evening baths," Lauren revealed at her baby year celebration.

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Over the years, the children became more independent. "Everything has turned into a kind of controlled chaos. It's always noisy, there's a lot of people and junk. It's a very strange system, but it works nonetheless," parents of six children noted.


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