Gustophe was rescued from a shelter in Canada at the age of 2. He had been born and raised on the streets, but was happy to finally live in safety and surrounded with love. A few years later, when he was 6 years old, he accompanied his owners on a camping trip. One night, the cat managed to escape from the tent to visit the surrounding area, and got lost. He was not heard from for 54 days, as reported by Rocky Mountain Outlook Today.

A night outside his carrier

Gustophe and his family set off over 900 miles from home to camp between lake and mountains, in a complete wilderness in the Spray Lakes West Campground.

Four days into their vacation, it was particularly cold. Gustophe's family feared he wouldn't be warm enough in his carrier, and decided to let him spend the night with them in a sleeping bag. The cat was on a leash, wearing his harness.

Source: RMO Today

Unfortunately, the kitty managed to escape from his harness and slip through a small hole in the tent, which he made bigger. He then set off to explore the surroundings. But in this vast open space, he quickly lost his way. When his owners woke up the next morning, they discovered to their horror that their pet had disappeared.

Extensive search for the cat

The cat's owners spent the next four days searching for him, but to no avail. They finally had to return home with heavy hearts.

Residents of Canmore, some ten miles away, helped the family set up cameras and traps, in the hope that the cat would return to the campsite. But few believed he would make it, as many predators could prey on him (coyotes, bears, cougars, and wolves), in addition to extreme weather conditions and having to find food on his own.

However, 54 days later Gustophe finally appeared on one of the surveillance cameras installed. His family immediately came to set a trap in the area where he had been spotted. After a few days, the cat entered the trap. He had lost some weight, but was in good health.

Source: RMO Today

"We were jumping for joy. I sensed that he would be fine, because he was actually a stray when we adopted him and he had survival skills," confided his owner Jodie Hudley.

In any case, camping is no longer on the cards for Gustophe. "He's had enough adventure for a whole lifetime," Jodie concluded.

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Source: RMO Today

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