One day, a Michigan resident approached a mailman. He told him of his concerns about a dog that was living on his street and seemed to be abused. Together, the two men went to the dog's home and discovered an appalling sight.

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Bella was abandoned to her fate in her backyard

The mailman found a dog abandoned in the backyard. The pooch had no food or water, and was tied up. One of her hind legs appeared to have been freshly amputated.

The mailman contacted emergency services, and Saginaw County Animal Care and Control came to the scene. The dog had obviously spent several days in the middle of a pile of debris, tangled in tethers.

"She was intentionally placed and tethered there," Bonnie Kanicki, the shelter director, explained to People. "She was tied up in a position where she couldn't move and left to fend for herself."

Bella was forced to chew off her own leg

The dog was tied very tightly. When she tried to escape, the rope must have wrapped around her leg, blocking her blood circulation. In extreme distress, Bella had no choice but to start gnawing on her leg to free herself from the rope. Having finally managed to chew off her back leg she started to chew on another when help arrived.

Luckily, the rescue took place before the dog could injure herself further. The vets immediately took charge of her, and her injuries were treated.

It took Bella a long time to get over her traumas

Physically, Bella recovered fairly quickly. But from a psychological point of view, she was deeply affected by the past. Being abandoned by her owner, thirsty and starving for several days, and having to chew off her leg, Bella has gone through hell. She had to undergo extensive training, with qualified and patient people, to learn to trust people again.

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Source: Facebook

Since early April, Bella has finally been able to turn the page on her horrible past. A couple fell in love with this sweet, gentle dog. They spent a week with her to make sure they could look after her properly, and then adopted her.

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We hope that in this loving family Bella will be loved and well cared for forever!

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