Earlier this year, a pregnant cat was dropped off at Animal Welfare League of Arlington, a shelter in Virginia. The kitty was in very poor condition and the labor did not go well. Only two kittens made it, and they were in need of round-the-clock intensive care.

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A foster family specializing in intensive care took in the kittens

Paula welcomed the two babies into her home. A critical care tech, she did everything in her power to help them get through. Unfortunately, one of them didn't make it. Monique, the only survivor, was left without a family.

The kitten fought to the bitter end, and thanks to her determination, gained weight and strength. At 3 weeks old, she was a beautiful kitten, but desperately in need of a friend.

Paula took in a second orphaned kitten of the same age as Monique

Then Monique came up with an idea. She took in a second kitten, named Stranger Danger (SD). He was an orphan of the same age as Monique. Paula brought them together, hoping they would hit it off.

The kittens exceeded their foster mom's expectations. They immediately snuggled up to each other, as if they were waiting to be reunited. From that day on, they have been inseparable.

A beautiful family

Since they met, Monique and SD have rediscovered a real zest for life. They've become more active and playful. They also like to sleep against their fake mommy. It's a cuddly toy in the shape of an adult cat, with a little beating heart. Both curled up by the plush mommy's belly, they form a happy, serene family.

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Paula sincerely hopes that a loving family will adopt them together, so that nothing will ever separate them.

Source: Love Meow

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Source: Love Meow

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