When thunder begins to rumble, many pets are frightened by the loud noise. They usually run to hide in the safest corner they can find. Fortunately, they can count on their humans for support.

Not long ago a video posted by Reddit user @Thefairsewing went viral on the web, melting the hearts of numerous Internet users. It was viewed more than 20,000 times and massively reposted on other social media.

In the video, a Golden Retriever is curled up in a corner of the bathroom. A toddler in a diaper crouches in front of the pooch, stroking him and seemingly trying to reassure him.

Source: TikTok

The baby gives the sweetest hug to the pooch. The frightened doggie returns the favor, giving the baby a few licks.

Source: TikTok

The video is captioned "This little guy comforting his buddy during a thunderstorm is the best thing you'll see today…" suggesting that the toddler is trying to cheer up her doggy friend, who's afraid of the storm.

Here's the touching video:

The video was showered with comments. While many people find the video cute, others have more mixed feelings, pointing out the danger of leaving a frightened animal, whose behavior can be unpredictable, with a toddler.

 A common situation

According to the research conducted by Parc Vet veterinary clinic, up to 30% of dogs are spooked by rumbling thunderstorms, howling winds and heavy rain. Experts explain that dogs don't understand where the noise is coming from and panic.

It is therefore advised to place pets in a special area when the thunder starts, masking the sound with soft music and staying close by to comfort them.

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