Most landlords probably just hope to get a reliable tenant who will pay the rent on time and not turn the flat into a rubbish dump. Some tenants who may seem good at first glance may end up being unscrupulous. Such people can have uncontrollable parties, wake their neighbours at night with loud music and generally become the epitome of a landlord's worst nightmare. It's nice to see cases where retribution does catch up with the perpetrator.

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This is what happened in the story of French landlord Thomas Raveau from the tiny town of Roseau-sur-Serre in Aisne, northern France. Raveau published some photos and videos taken during a visit to the flat where his tenants, a family with three children, were living.

As you can see, the flat looked disastrous. There was rubbish, boxes, dirty cat litter and broken furniture in every room. The floors were covered with a layer of dirt. In addition, the tenants had left the place without paying rent for as much as 14 months. The family did not notify Thomas of their departure, nor did they return the keys or allow him to do an inventory and take over the flat.

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He wrote a caption to his social media post that read: "This is how this flat was returned to me. Living like this with three children, bravo! Shame on you. Good luck to your new landlord." Raveau was fed up, so he decided to pay back his former tenants for the terrible mess they had created and so selfishly left it to him to clean up.

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He came up with the perfect plan to even the score, and at the request of Facebook users who had seen pictures of his flat in the disaster zone, he recorded another video. Raveau loaded all the rubbish, destroyed furniture and dirt left behind by his tenants into a dump truck. He then headed to the tenants' new home and dumped all the rubbish in a huge pile right in front of the house.

The French landlord then posted the video on Facebook and added a caption that read: "Return to sender". 

Source: Daily Mail Online

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