On this day, a woman came to the small river in her village with some sheets to wash. In the process of cleaning them all she got tired and decided to rest. The sun was shining and suddenly the woman noticed something glistening in the sunlight. She quickly put on her gloves and started digging in the ground. So she found a stone that looked like a golden object. Walking along the shore, the woman found dozens of such stones of different sizes and shapes.

Gemstones discovered. Source: humanstory.com

The woman decided to take the find home to show it to her husband. He, in turn, showed it to a friend who decided to find an expert and consult with him. The man was convinced that the stones had no value.

After examining the find, the expert reported that the stones were a type of gold ore, which was not very dense. He also noted that they are very valuable and expensive.

The key to wealth. Source: humanstory.com

These nuggets always contain many stones and impurities and they are always large in size. This is because most of them occur in sandstones that are rich in groundwater, so their structure is full of sand grains. In addition, the very formation of these nuggets is related to the cohesion of sand grains and small stones. That is why their surface is most often covered with sand.

Large discovery size. Source: humanstory.com

Because the appearance of these nuggets looks like the surface of a meteorite covered in erosion craters, some people think the stones came from outer space, which is not true. Luckily, the woman was able to pick up such special gold stones just by washing her stuff in the river. Many collectors have already offered large sums of money for such an extraordinary find.

Source: humanstory.com

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