Statistics show that about 135,000 children are adopted in the United States every year. Most of them are unlikely to learn about their biological parents. This is due to the jurisdiction of some states, in which the secrecy of adoption is guaranteed.

However, in some states such as Pennsylvania, foster children are allowed to learn about the people who brought them into this world. This story is about a reunion of a mother and her son, whom she had put up for adoption 35 years ago.

A difficult choice for a 15-year-old girl

Stacey Faix gave birth to a son when she was 15 years old. Deciding to raise the child herself or to give him to another family, Stacey chose the second option. She thought that in her difficult circumstances there could be only one way out – adoption of her child by strangers. The girl understood that she would never meet her baby.

Stephen Strawn is looking for his mother

Stephen Strawn has become a military man. He lives in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a teenager, he constantly wondered who his biological mother was. In 2017 the state adopted changes to the law, allowing adopted children to get access to their birth data.

Then Stephen found out that his biological mother was  Stacey Faix, who lived in Ohio. Being very happy the man started looking for information about his mother on the Internet. After finding a woman with that name, he sent her a message.

He asked if she gave the boy up for adoption in 1982, and received a positive answer. Stephen Strawn told Stacey Faix that she could be his biological mother.

Reunion of the son with his mother

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It turned out that mother and son, who did not know each other, had a common hobby. Each of them headed a group in Team RWB, devoted to the support of American veterans’ physical and social activity. They both planned to participate in the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.

Stephen handed his mother a card where he wrote that it had been 13,075 days since she last saw her child.

As Fakes read this note, her son silently approached her from behind. Having turned around, she saw Stephen smiling. Then the woman, who had never held her child in her arms, finally hugged her son.

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The touching reunion of the son and his mother, who embraced for the first time after 35 years of separation, was captured on video by local media. At the same time, Stacey encourages parents who are looking for children for adoption not to lose hope.

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