Banner the Husky persistently called his mistress Whitney's into the woods. Usually the dog wasn't eager to go far from home, and this alerted Whitney. She followed the husky and soon found a sealed box. Banner seemed to know what was inside.

The box was in the bushes, as if someone had tried to hide it and then changed his/her mind and ran away. Whitney approached it cautiously, since rustling could be heard from inside it.

Source: @Bannerthesuperdog

But Banner ran up to the box first and flipped it to the side. Whitney was extremely surprised when she saw seven abandoned tiny kittens inside the box.

Source: @Bannerthesuperdog

“My house is in the middle of nowhere, near the woods. It's strange that someone brought the box here. How did Banner even know about it?” Whitney wondered.

Source: @Bannerthesuperdog

The woman took all the kittens home, of course. She had to feed them, but Banner accepted the kittens as if he were their mother and didn't leave them for a moment:

Now the kittens will be looking for loving families. But not all of them. Two kittens will definitely stay with Banner.

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