Meredith Maitland of San Francisco gave birth to her first pair of twin daughters, Gabriella and Julia, 21 years ago, when she was just 19 years old. A little later, Meredith and her husband decided they lacked a son for complete happiness. But that wasn't the case.

"I thought having twins was just amazing luck, the one-in-a-million ticket I managed to pull out," says Meredith.

However, nature can be very ironic at times. When Meredith came in for an ultrasound in late 2007 with a new pregnancy, it again showed two heartbeats. In July 2008, Elsa and Lucia were born.

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"Maybe others would have stopped there, but we were already driven by excitement and curiosity - what was it like to raise a boy and not a girl?" says Brady, Meredith's husband.

Three years later, Meredith became pregnant. This time it was a single pregnancy, but the couple was expecting a girl again. Even then, however, the couple did not give up trying to have a son.

"You can't imagine how much easier it is after two pairs of twins to carry and give birth to one child. It was practically a vacation. It's not for nothing that they say everything is a comparison."

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Two years later, Meredith was pregnant again. She and her husband had no doubt it would be a boy. And so it happened, but only with a son came a daughter. So Meredith gave birth to a third set of twins.

"But I wouldn't want to change anything in my life," says the mother of many children. - You know, it's insanely fun to raise so many kids. It's always like an endless pajama party in our house. Yes, it can be chaotic at times, but the love that runs in our family is far more important than the challenges.

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