After local authorities had refused to transfer a  pension benefit to a 100-year-old woman, she addressed officials in person to prove she was still alive. However, she couldn't do it.

Betty Ashley is well known in her small town. Five years ago, the woman competed in a local walking competition and won it in her age group. Her name was printed in many newspapers, and a TV channel even did a short report on her.

So when she did not receive her payout on time, the retiree was really surprised. She had sent an inquiry to the financial institution, but received only a brief reply.

“I could not believe my eyes. I was offered to prove that I was still alive, otherwise there would be no money," the woman said.

Betty Ashley sent the authorities a notarized form and her own photo with a fresh newspaper in her hands. This evidence was not accepted, and the retiree, already enraged by the absurdity of the situation, took her car and came to them in person.

Source: trendymen

She came to the institution, waited her turn, and showed her passport to the officials. They said, "This is not a proof". The elderly woman was indignant.

As a result, the woman hasn't not got retirement benefits yet. It is hard to imagine what other proof the officials want to see.

The situation will be tackled at the federal level. Most likely the retiree will receive compensation for the inconvenience.

Source: trendymen

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