An elderly couple found one in their garden under a fig tree. It was clear that the bird needed help, so at first it was decided to send it to the zoo. But after consultation with an ornithologist, the owl had to be kept in order to be fed.

Usually the chicks, who can't fly yet, claw at the branch and sit on it. And the new owners tried several times to send the owl back to the branch. But the attempts were unsuccessful: after some time, the nimble bird was hopping around the seedbeds again.

Surrounded by care. Source:

They made a cage for the baby, put spruce branches, and made an improvised nest. You remember that owls eat mice, right? Well, when the neighbors found out that owls live nearby now, they constantly started bringing the baby pests they caught on their plots.

Strengthened owl. Source:

The mother owl, by the way, has not abandoned her chicks. At night she brings them food and then goes to the other chicks living in the nest on the higher branches.

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