During Hurricane Florence people were escaping in panic forgetting everything. Unfortunately, many of them didn't have time to take care of their pets. However, one shouldn’t judge people who find themselves in difficult situations on the brink of death.

This is a story with a happy ending!

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During Hurricane Florence Soshe the dog was missing. His owner contacted the HSMO’s Disaster Response Team and asked them to help find her pet.

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The rescuers had tried several times to get into the house, but the water level was so high that that was hardly possible. The third time they were able to break down the door and get the poor dog out.

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Once they got Soshe out, he immediately pounced on the food.

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The dog had not eaten for a week, got thin and cold. After the vets had examined him, Soshe was given a hot bath to warm him up. Soshe's owner was already in another city at the time, but his brother picked the dog up and brought him back to his owner.

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