In our childhood many of us were dreaming about living in a castle. We imagined ourselves as beautiful princes and princesses who only danced at balls and played the piano in their estates. Having grown up we understand that it's not so easy. Owning a big house requires either to hire a dozen servants or spend your life cleaning.

In 1986, Cornelia Bayley bought mansion Plas Teg in Wales.

Plas Teg. Source: Plas Teg Official / Twitter

The castle dates back to 1610 and is a classic example of the Jacobean style in architecture. The woman got the castle in an extremely poor condition. Cornelia invested a lot of money and effort to restore it. Ten months after the purchase, Cornelia opened the house to the public.

Cornelia Bayley. Source: Plas Teg Official / Twitter

The 400-year-old castle is well-known for its collection of antique furniture, porcelain dishes, valuable works of art, and paintings from the seventeenth century to the present day.

Unfortunately, the woman lives alone with her cat and cannot take proper care of the house. No one has done full-scale cleaning in the house for the last 29 years. Furthermore, for more than 100 years no one has washed the bedding. To crown it all, the woman has not had a shower for three years. She is almost broke, so she plans to arrange excursions to her estate more often. 

Source: fabiosa

Hayley and Dann from the show Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners”, agreed to help.

Cornelia's estate was covered with thick layer dust. The owner neglected a thorough cleaning of the house for 29 years!

Source: fabiosa

The carpet had been vacuumed twice in 29 years. “I like the dust because the house is old,” says the woman.

The bedding hasn't been washed over 100 years.

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Source: fabiosa

There weren't hot water in the house for 3 years because the boiler broke down.

Source: fabiosa

The landlady asked the cleaners to do without modern cleaning products. Only cold water and soap at most.

And they managed to do it. Finally, the castle was clean. The cleaners hope that after their visit, Cornelia will start tidying up.

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The house has returned its beauty.


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