Christina found a frightened, trembling creature in the snow. The animal obviously needed help, that's why the woman took the poor creature to her house and placed it in the basement. There the animal warmed up, got some water and food. The woman told about her find on social media, and soon the mysterious animal was taken by volunteers.

Source: vchaspik

The volunteers brought the creature to Youngwood Wildlife Center, where the vets examined it and took DNA tests to identify who it was.

Source: vchaspik

However, according to the latest reports, the animal had escaped from the vet clinic before the staff could even tell to what kind of species it belonged.

Source: vchaspik

The center staff said that the animal showed no signs of aggression and only huddled in the corner of its cage for a week while being at the shelter. On Thursday morning, however, a staff member found the cage empty and crashed. The room was a mess, the walls were scratched with claws. The animal escaped by gnawing through the window net.

Source: vchaspik

DNA testing will take from two to four weeks. Experts claim that the creature was a coyote or a puppy suffering badly from scabies.

Source: vchaspik

"We had him for about a week. During that time he ate nutritious food and was treated for scabies and secondary infections. We can only guess that he started to feel a little better and decided it was time to leave," the volunteers said.

The specialists still hope that the animal will come back and they will be able to treat it.

Source: vchaspik

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