Life turned out to be very cruel to an infant from the very first days after she was born. The little girl was thrown into the dumpster by her mother. She had very little chance of survival. But the baby must have had a powerful guardian angel, and the tiny creature was saved by a man who heard her crying from afar and rushed to help.

He went in the direction of the dumpster and at first thought that some animal was trapped and crying out for help. To his great surprise, however, the man found a crying baby. When, 20 years later, a young girl knocked on the door of his house and told him she was the child the man had once saved, he could not believe his eyes. 

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As fate would have it, a few days old, instead of being under the watchful eye of a loving mother, the baby ended up in a dumpster at a construction site. Hearing someone's crying voice, a man who lived nearby went there. He prepared himself to find an animal in distress. Of course, he was astonished to find a newborn baby girl.

Gently taking her in his arms, he did not hesitate long to go to the hospital. After a thorough examination of the infant, the doctors concluded that the girl was perfectly healthy, although she most likely felt a great deal of internal discomfort from the situation. Subsequently, the child's fate was taken care of by specialists from the guardianship authorities. Thanks to this, she was soon adopted and found a loving family.

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Helen decided that she should track down this noble man who had saved an abandoned child years before. It should be noted that this was not an easy task at all. Initially, even a very active search did not bring the desired result. Success came when the girl gave an interview, which was shown on television. After that, journalists were able to identify the wanted man.

When a knock sounded on his door 20 years later, the man was shocked. The little girl he had saved was now an adult and standing on his doorstep. They were both so moved that they could not hold back tears. Helen cried and thanked the now elderly man for saving her. And he only repeated that he was honored to have Helen as his guest.

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The meeting was very touching. It was recorded by local television workers. As she told her story, Anna appealed to mothers not to abandon their unwanted children as they had abandoned her.


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