All parents want their children to be the best, but sometimes babies surprise the whole world even at birth.

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Lulu Finn-Johnston was barely 8 weeks old when she already started learning to walk, confidently standing on her strong legs. Moreover, she could hold her head just five days after birth, surprising doctors before she was even discharged from hospital.

Interestingly, the girl was born weighing only 2.7 kilograms.

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She also refused to crawl. When her father put her on the floor, the little girl moved around for a while and then stood up on her feet.

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Her parents, 31-year-old Tezra Finn-Johnston and 23-year-old Emily Derrick didn’t have such an extraordinary ability.

Source: Facebook

“Our daughter must have the genes of our distant ancestors, who were more powerful than modern humans. Of course, we can't give other parents advice on how to give birth to such a child. For us it is a great surprise and a miracle,” the couple shares.

Lulu is recognized as the strongest baby in the world, which is documented by many researchers.


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