35 years old Kimberly from Australia, always wanted to be a mother - and always knew it was almost impossible. When she was 15, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and predicted infertility.

"The doctors told me I might never have children. And even if I did, I wouldn't be able to conceive on my own, not without IVF," Kimberly says. - I thought I was okay with that. But there was a part of me that was sure I wouldn't give up trying to be a mom.

The long way to motherhood. Source: parents.com

Kimberly's husband, Adrian, supported his wife in everything. IVF means IVF. They spent a lot of money on fertility treatments, but only the fourth was successful. There was only one viable embryo. When it was clear that it had implanted, Kimberly was over the moon.

But her story didn't end there. A six-week scan revealed that Kimberly was expecting twins.

Photo from the family archive. Source: parents.com

Kim and Adrian didn't really refuse intimacy during their IVF treatment. Of course, they didn't use contraceptives, because they hadn't needed them until now. Kim simply did not ovulate; pregnancy was ruled out.

"The specialists then explained to me that the drugs I was taking during IVF may have stimulated my fertility. That means that ovulation and conception could very well have happened at the same time. So I had IVF, and two or three days later I got pregnant naturally," she says.

Adorable twins. Source: parents.com

The twins Patrick and Leo were born on time and weighed 6 and 4.2 lbs, respectively. Kim does not know which of them was conceived through IVF and which through natural means. The twins don't really look like each other, because they're not identical. And in character they are very different. Patrick is sassy, mischievous, determined and bossy. Leo, the younger one, is affectionate, smiling, a big joker.

Source: parents.com

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