Little Boy and his dog were sleeping together in the kid’s bed. No one drove away that big black Labrador anymore. Although the dog wasn't very comfortable sleeping on the edge of the bed, he still stayed with Little Boy allowing him to stretch out freely on the sheet and fall asleep.

Now no one remembers where this mighty handsome Labrador came from. It seems to everyone that he has always been living with the kid.

Unfortunately, a terrible disease took from Little Boy his ability to move and talk. He lay motionless in his bed, and only salty tears were streaming down his sad face. His parents did everything to entertain him and never left his side.


They grieved deeply that their beloved, beautiful son was so helpless and miserable.

One frosty winter evening, on his way home Dad noticed a black dog lying on the snow near their doorstep. The man told the dog to go away, but the dog sadly barked as if begging to take him in.

Dad seemed to read in the dog’s eyes: “My master has died and I have been kicked out of my house.”

Although Dad's sick little son was at home, the man couldn't leave the freezing dog outdoors. His kind heart suggested him taking the poor thing home.

Therefore, the dog named Beam started living in Little Boy's house. The black Labrador was extremely wise, well-mannered, and eager to please.

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Beam understood at once that the boy was ill. As if wanting to cure the kid, the dog was lying near the boy’s bed for hours, with his big head on his paws.

One day there was no mom and dad near the boy. Being apparently in pain, the boy was whimpering softly like a little helpless puppy. Beam woke up, put his head on the bed and began to lick the helpless kid's hand. The boy fell silent.

When the mother walked in, she was amazed to see the boy smiling. From that moment Beam was allowed to put his head on the kid's bed and lick the boy's hand. And every time, Little Boy smiled at the dog's touch.

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For an unknown reason the boy's hands slowly began to move and he was able to pet the dog with his fingers. The parents were very surprised, since the doctors had said that the kid would never move. But never say never.

Weeks and months passed. Little Boy now confidently ran his hands through the dog's thick fur. When the kid was turned on his side, he could already cuddle his pet. The parents saw the child's happiness and could not separate him from his beloved Labrador.

The boy's illness began to recede. He started talking, moving, and then walking. His black friend was always with him. No one could explain the boy’s miraculous recovery. Beam must have been an Angel sent to Little Boy from heaven.

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