Five years ago, a customer called Vicente, who worked as a waiter, and pronounced some strange numbers. The man immediately left the table without giving any explanation for his actions. Vicente was confused, but after a while he recalled the numbers and suddenly became a millionaire.

Vicente Mosquera is the head waiter at a small restaurant in Virginia Beach. The man is 82 years old and has worked at the restaurant most of his life, but he has never seen anything like that incident.

“I will always remember that day. The man leaned over to me for no reason and said: 19-23-30-33-38. The numbers were so firmly imprinted on my mind, as if I had learned them," Vicente later told reporters.

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Five years after that day, Vicente and his friends walked into a bar, the owner of which sold the tickets of the national lottery. The waiter had never gambled before, but his friends persuaded him to try and buy a ticket. After thinking for a while which numbers to choose, he suddenly recalled the incident with the stranger.

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“I entered those numbers. I recalled them at the right moment, though I had never really forgotten them," says Vicente.

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A week later the man received a call from the organizers. The numbers said by a stranger brought him $285,316.

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Vicente does not understand how such coincidences are possible. The stranger he met five years ago couldn’t know the winning combination.

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