For 20 years, Tessa has been a faithful and beloved pet of her family. She loves her owners, and she never tires of showing it - but there's something in this dog's life that is especially precious, and it doesn't compare to anything else. Her banana plush.

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The dog's owner, Shanna Lauren, bought Tessa a banana plush when another dog destroyed her previous toy. Tessa was sad, but her new plushy friend would quickly remedy the situation. As soon as the pet saw the banana, she immediately took it in her mouth - and hasn't let it go since that day!

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The dog takes the toy with her everywhere, she sleeps with it in her arms, and when someone comes to visit, she always brings the banana and show it off. Neither age nor "senile" deafness prevent Tessa from being a little puppy at heart. She is very attached to her toy, and everyone around her is fascinated by this cuteness!

Inseparable friends. Source:

"To Tessa, that banana isn't just a plush toy. It's her whole life!" - says the owner.


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