A Turkish dog called Boncuk would come to the hospital every day, sit down and wait patiently for his master. This amazing loyalty won the hearts not only of the hospital staff, but also of the locals.

Boncuk the dog, comes to the Trabzon Karadeniz Hospital in Trabzon, Turkey, every day. For the past week, he has been coming to the hospital, waiting at the door all day long, then leaving in the evening.

Hospital staff first saw Boncuk when he followed the ambulance that brought his master, Cemal Şentürk. The man's relatives took the pooch home, but he refused to stay away from his owner. "Even if we took him home, he would run away and come here, waiting for his father," the man's daughter said.

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This dog's loyalty charmed hospital staff and passers-by alike. Boncuk was even featured on local news. Staff members come down to feed him and chat with him while he is patiently waiting for his owner at the door. The hospital even arranged a couple of meetings between the dog and his owner. Boncuk was incredibly happy when he saw the man.

"Boncuk has been with me for nine years. I miss him, too. He's already used to me. Sometimes I call him from the window, then he calms down a bit," the man says.

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Luckily, according to relatives, Şentürk was released from the hospital a couple of days ago. His faithful dog was thrilled to finally have his owner home!

Source: Twitter

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