Not only people grieve deeply when their pets pass away, sometimes it's the other way round. Our today's fluffy hero never forgets about his beloved owner, he regularly goes to the cemetery and brings gifts to the grave of his loved one.

This story took place in Montagnana, a tiny Italian village. A long time ago, a man named Renzo took in a kitten, that he named Tildo. Despite the fact that the man was married, the pet didn’t pay much attention to his wife. But Tildo loved his owner very much. He would meet Renzo every day after work, jump onto his laps, and purr showing his love. So they lived in perfect harmony for many years, until Renzo passed away.

Sometime later, Renzo's widow noticed that after the tragic event the cat began to behave strangely. Tildo seemed to understand everything. He accompanied the funeral procession from the house to the cemetery, even though he had not been fond of going away from home so far. Then Tildo began to disappear every morning.

Source: pulse

At the same time, all kinds of things began to appear on Renzo's grave: a twig, a flower, a beautiful pebble, a plastic cup, and so on. At first, neither the relatives nor the widow paid any attention to it, as they were not concerned about it. Then they started to think where that stuff had come from. It turned out that it was Tildo who had brought it. It was his way of expressing his love and devotion to his late master.

Furthermore, the cat began to support the widow who was left alone. Now he is as sweet and gentle with her as he was with her late husband once. She says it really supports her in the most difficult moments.

Source: pulse

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