Obviously, the adoption of a dog from a shelter benefits three parties at once. First, a pet finally finds a loving home. Second, a person gets a friend who he will never sell for any price. And last but not least, a shelter makes room for a new resident. Oh, and we should not forget about the fourth party, that is smiling Internet users looking at the pictures of happy people and animals, who have finally found each other!

1. He had spent his whole life in a shelter. But yesterday he was taken home!

Source: IndecisiveSuperman

2. "Our new pet is a big guy. And a sweetheart!"

Source: terrafarma

3. "Just became the owner of this great guy."

Source: lydmmas

4. "Took a 9-year-old dog from the shelter. Seems to be a good choice."

Source: Tiffany2097

5. "Just became his owners and he's already making eyes at my girlfriend."

Source: Yekard24

6. "Got the nicest boy out of the shelter today!"

Source: MxRacer111

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7. "We’ve just taken Bella from the shelter, and she really likes my fiancée."

Source: bioticgod55

8. "She's only 10 weeks old, but she's already doing her best to pose for the camera."

Source: bcdrawdy

9. "Mom got a puppy from the shelter, and I haven't seen her smile so much."

Source: alagiglia

10. "Got myself an 8-year-old dog. Adult dogs are the coolest!"

Source: ZeroTenenbaum

11. "Took him from the shelter. He had been living there for 8 months and no one liked him."

Source: ClownFishdaDish

12. "It didn't take him long to feel at home."

Source: peepantaloons

13. "Took her from the shelter a few hours ago, and now she won't let me go."

Source: btlaffin79

14. "This cutie chose my daddy. Came up right away and sat at his feet."

Source: pretttylitttlegirl

15. "Today I took a Dane from the shelter. Everything seems to be going well."

Source: bundyer

16. "I became the owner of Ricco, a 13-year-old Beagle!"

Source: ambercolorshair

17. "The look at our son's face when he saw our 10-month-old Saint Bernard."

Source: Penukoko13

Source: twizz

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