In the Turkish province of Rize, a passer-by rescued a puppy when it began to choke. A salesman had given some food to the little thing, but the pup choked with it.

The shop owner was very fond of dogs and always fed them. He gave a piece of cheese to the puppy who lived near him. But the puppy suddenly started suffocating and the frightened salesman called for help.

Source: YouTube screenshot

A man who was walking by immediately rushed to the baby and began to shake it. The poor baby had already stopped breathing, and the man gave him heart massage. Unfortunately, the little pup didn't react.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Then the passer-by gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Fortunately, this method worked. The puppy started breathing again, and then climbed into his box. The salesman said that the puppy had remained slightly shocked for a couple of hours, but then happily played around with other dogs.


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