Having found an entire cat family in their yard, Downey residents, California, called Wrenn Rescues shelter. By the time the volunteers arrived, the mother cat had strangely escaped.

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Thinking that the young stray cat wouldn’t return, the rescuers took the kittens to the shelter, where they were immediately bottle-fed. The mother cat never showed up, and the kittens were taken in by a shelter volunteer. But some time later the shelter received a call.

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Local residents who had noticed the kittens in their backyard, came home and found the same mother cat on the doorstep, anxiously looking for her babies. The shelter staff immediately took the cat to her kittens.

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At first, the cat was afraid of leaving her carrier. On bringing her one of the kittens, the cat mama seemed to immediately recognize her baby. She quickly calmed down, and, forgetting her fear, came out of the carrier.

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"She went right over and curled up in the middle of her kittens, purring. They all went right to her, and started nursing," the foster mother shares.

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The cat momma was over the moon about being reunited with her babies, and she didn't hide her emotions, purring all the time.

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"As neonatal kitten foster parents, we do everything under the sun to make our fosters happy, comfortable and content. Nothing we can do compares to the blissful feeling of having a mama lying next to them," the shelter’s staff say.

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The cat mama cares well for her little kittens, paying attention to each of them. Thanks to kind people, now mom and her kittens are safe, healthy, and fed, and most importantly together!

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