Oliver was spotted when he was wandering the yard of someone's house and refused to leave it. The shelter staff arrived and tried to catch him, but the dog took everything as a game, running away from the staff. Finally, the shelter staff managed to catch Oliver.

Source: Memphis Animal Services

That's how Oliver got in the Memphis Animal Services shelter, USA. The staff immediately noticed that the dog had once lived in a home with caring owners, because he proved to be very smart. He liked treats and knew that if he behaved and obeyed well, he would be bathed in attention.

Source: Memphis Animal Services

This smart dog immediately charmed the entire staff. Every time he asked for food, he would take his bowl in his teeth and look at the staff passing by with big hungry eyes.

Soon, he began carrying his bowl everywhere he went. The staff were deeply moved by this cute habit. They didn't understand whether someone had taught him this trick or whether it had something to do with his fears. Oliver might have been underfed in the past.

Source: Memphis Animal Services

No one wanted to take Oliver from the shelter for a long time, and the staff came up with an idea. They posted many pictures of Oliver carrying his bowl on the shelter's social media page. After that, the pooch charmed online users as well. Many people wrote to the shelter that they wanted to adopt Oliver.

Source: Memphis Animal Services

From the great number of applications, the shelter staff chose one suitable family for Oliver. Of course they were taking him with the bowl in his mouth. Oliver was happy to have his favorite bowl with him.

That's how Oliver, that had been once abandoned, found a new family and turned a new page in his life. Today he is a happy young dog, that will never have to worry about an empty bowl again!

Source: petpop.cc

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